"We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians." – Nelson Mandela

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Israel to evict 100 Palestinians in Jerusalem


Ma’an News – Around 100 Palestinian Bedouins could be homeless by the end of the week after Israeli authorities issued eviction orders to 20 families in northeast Jerusalem, their lawyer said Wednesday.

An Israeli court initially ordered the families, from the al-Arara tribe, to leave their land in Jaba within three days, but the lawyer managed to delay the order for 15 days, which will run out this week, he told a news conference in Jerusalem.

Jaba borders Adam, an illegal Jewish settlement, which the families say Israel plans to expand onto their land.

Ma’an News


Passers Between the Passing Words

O those who pass between fleeting words

carry your names, and be gone

Rid our time of your hours, and be gone

Steal what you will from the blueness of the sea

And the sand of memory

Take what pictures you will, so that you understand

That which you never will:

How a stone from our land builds the ceiling of our sky

From you steel and fire, from us our flesh

From you yet another tank, from us stones

From you teargas, from us rain…

It is time for you to be gone

Live wherever you like, but do not live among us

It is time for you to be gone

Die wherever you like, but do not die among us

For we have work to do in our land

So leave our country

Our land, our sea

Our wheat, our salt, our wounds

Everything, and leave

The memories of memory

those who pass between fleeting words!

– Mahmoud Darwish, Passers Between the Passing Words, 1988