"We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians." – Nelson Mandela

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UK paper publishes anti-Israel cartoon on Holocaust day


Apparently UK’s The Sunday Times published an anti-Israel cartoon on Holocaust day. The cartoon seems to depict Israel’s prime minister, Benjamim Netanyahu, paving a wall with blood, the blood of Palestinians.

The cartoon apeared in the paper on Sunday and was drawn by cartoonist Gerald Scarfe with a caption thet read “Israeli elections- will cementing peace continue?”

European Jewish Congress President, Dr. Moshe Kantor, stated that “This cartoon would be offensive at any time of the year, but to publish it on International Holocaust Remembrance Day is sickening and expresses a deeply troubling mindset. This insensitivity demands an immediate apology from both the cartoonist and the paper’s editors.”

The Holocaust was a terrible tradegy, it was. However, currently the Jews are doing to the Palestinians what was done to them. The Palestinians are experiencing their own Holocaust, therefore I do not find this cartoon to be offensive, not one bit.

In fact, rather than being offensive, this cartoon speaks the truth. It shows how Benjamin Netanyahu is a hypocrite. His people endured pain and suffering during World War 2 and now he is inflicting the same, if not worse, pain and suffering among millions of innocent Palestinians.

The only reason anyone would find this cartoon “offensive” is because it speaks the truth and they are denying the truth.

Let us not forget that the Palestinians are suffering just as the Jews did.

We learn about the Holocaust year after year in school, yet we never learn about the present day Holocaust occuring in Palestine.

It’s time for some change.


Zionists are the present day Nazis


It’s simple.
The Jews are doing to the Palestinians what the Germans did to them.
Zionists are the present day Nazis.
Zionism is Fascism.
They’re doing to Palestinians what was done to them.
The only difference is that this has been going on for 65 years.

The Origins of the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict

Here is a brief outline of the origins of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

During World War II many Jewish people fled anti-semetic Europe during the Holocaust, therefore a refuge for the persecuted Jews was built in Palestine. Thus causing Zionists to encourage massive immigration to Palestine. The United Nations then offered the Jewish immigrants a majority of the land in Palestine in order to create a state called Israel. The Palestinians then rejected the United Nation’s partition plan, and do you honestly blame them? Imagine if you lived in a country, YOUR COUNTRY, for your whole life and then you one day get told that a large portion of your country’s land is being given away, stolen from you. Subsequently, several Arab countries invaded Israel in the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, however despite the war Israel kept nearly all of the land that they had stolen from the Palestinians, plus taking control of almost 60% of the area allocated to the proposed Arab state. Therefore by the end of the fighting Israel controlled about 78% of Palestine.

The Palestinians who fled or were expelled while fighting occured then attempted to return to their homes, the only homes they knew, however, were barred, or rejected, by the Israeli government. Millions of Palestinians still live in refugee camps and long for the day thay will get to return to their homeland of Palestine. To this day many Palestinians still carry the key of their homes in Palestine around their neck, the key to the homes which they were forced to leave and not allowed to return to.

“It would be my greatest sadness to see Zionists (Jews) do to Palestinian Arabs much of what Nazis did to Jews.” – Albert Einstein

Unfortunately Einstein, that is exactly what is happening.