"We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians." – Nelson Mandela

The attacks on Gaza may be over, but the situation still remains dire

The representative of the World Food Program (WFP) in the occupied Palestinian territory says that although the Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip is over, the humanitarian situation there still remains dire.

“There is a misconception that because there is a period of calm, we can start thinking about a development process, which is very difficult to do when they are under occupation,” Pablo Recalde said at a press conference in Dubai on 9 December.

“These kinds of flare-ups of violence are now systemic. Up until there is a permanent solution to the problem of the Palestinian people, you will have these ups and downs.”

Around 1,000 families lost their homes during the 8 day attack on Gaza in November.

Recalde states that there has been no major decrease in food security in Gaza. Even in normal times, he states, 40% of Gazans do not have regular access to food and are dependent on aid to survive.

In spite of the Israeli attacks on Gaza in November the World Food Program (WFP) moved forward with its regulary scheduled food distributions in Gaza.

Gaza is home to nearly 1.7 million people. The Gaza strip is small but densely populated, therefore, a “faltering economy and rampant poverty” has made it increasingly difficult for local residents to buy nutritious food. Adding to the pressure is the blockade on Gaza, which was heavily imposed in 2007, this blockade has made the movement of goods, services, and people in and out of Gaza extremely difficult. Therefore, Gazans must depend on an underground tunnel to Egypt in order to accomidate many of their basic needs.


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