"We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians." – Nelson Mandela

Palestinian Child Prisoners

Each year, hundreds of Palestinian children are arrested by Israeli soldiers and are subsequently interrogated, abused, and imprisoned by the Israeli military.

Here is Sayed’s story, a 10 year old Palestinian Child Prisoner.

On August 28th, 2012 a 10 year old boy named Sayed was arrested in the Occupied West Bank. The young boy had simply gone to the shop to buy milk for his baby sister. However, the Israeli military accused the young boy of throwing rocks at their vehicles as they passed. Sayed states that he was just trying to run away. They arrested the boy and through him in their jeep. After throwing him in the jeep all of the soldiers started beating him. They then took him to the military camp and forced him to stand against a wall, blindfolding him, punching him in the face, and beating his head. The soldiers hit the young boy with their rifle guns and in the military camp the beatings continued. They also threatened to shoot the young boy or unleash the dogs on him, one of them even head-butted him with his helmet. The soldiers then proceeded to come in one by one, beating him, cursing him, sptting on him, and threatening to kill him. Sayed’s injuries were photographed and since the incident occured human rights organizations have been highlighting his case to due the extremity of it, however the Israeli military is known to regulary abuse the young people they arrest. The Oraganization Defense for Children International says that every year around 700 minors between the ages of 12 and 17 are arrested in the West Bank and then tried in Israeli Military Courts. Most Palestinian youths are arrested for throwing rocks during clashed with Israeli Military Forces. Sayed is scheduled to face an Israeli Military Court in January next year. He has not yet been officially charged, however he faces the prospect of potentially being taken from the Occupied West Bank and taken to a jail inside israel, an act which is against international law.

Source of information: Al Jazeera English Video

I want everyone to take a moment and imagine if this happened to your son.
If you don’t have a son then imagine that it is your younger sibling, your cousin, your nephew, or even you at the age of 10.
Imagine the fear the young boy must have been experiencing.
Imagine your son, your sibling, your cousin, your nephew, or yourself at the age of 10 being abused, interrogated, and arrested for no good reason other than because of your ethnicity.
Or if a child really did throw a rock, imagine being arrested for throwing something as simple as a rock.
A rock. The only thing you have to defend yourself with when your up aginst sophisticated machinery that could crush and kill you within minutes.
Why is it OK for this to happen to these young children.
Why is the world staying silent.
He who stays silent is just as bad as the opressor.
Don’t stay silent about acts of injustice.


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